This Just In: Craig Biggio to Become St. Thomas Baseball Coach

Mark C. Austin

Well, the good folks who run St. Thomas High School obviously haven't been listening to Lance Berkman or Cecil Cooper, because it's being reported today that Craig Biggio is set to become the school's next baseball coach.

I guess this means that the St. Thomas players will be learning how to stick an elbow in the way of a pitch in order to get on base. They won't be satisfied with a single and will try to turn every hit into a double, and instead of trying for the triple, will stick with the double.

I've said nasty things about Biggio in the past. But I say bravo with this move. It seems most ex-jocks like Biggio take the easy cash to be a team consultant, or try to get managing or coaching jobs in the majors. Tony Gwynn is the only other big name I can immediately think of who has done something like this, but he's only coaching his old college team, San Diego State.

I know lots of career minor leaguers do stuff like this, but I like a big star doing this. Perhaps that might help start growing baseball on the youth level again. Then again, I think more stars need to get involved and try to do more inner city stuff, where baseball appears to be disappearing.

But enough of my ranting.

And if the report is true, then thanks, Craig. I think this is a good thing, and who knows, this could do more to preserve your legacy than 3,000 hits ever would. -- John Royal

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.