This Just In: FBI Opens Investigation of Clemens

The FBI has just announced that it is opening an investigation into whether former Red Sox / Blue Jay / Yankee / Astro / Yankee pitcher Roger Clemens lied to Congress regarding questioning on steroid use.

The investigation will be conducted by the Washington Field Office of the FBI, and follows yesterday's Congressional request to the Justice Department to investigate whether Clemens did lie.

So, paging Rusty Hardin. Paging Rusty Hardin. Do you care to shoot your mouth off now? And if I'm one of those minor leaguers in Astros camp, I don't think I want to be in the batter's box while Rocket is pitching batting practice. He might get confused and think that Congressman Henry Waxman is facing him. And he might let the pitch get away from him. And some young kid might get hurt.

Drayton, tell Rocket to go home. And tell him to go home now. -- John Royal

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