This Just In: Miguel Tejada Charged With Lying to Congress About the Steroids

It's just now being reported that charges are being brought against Houston Astros shortstop Miguel Tejada for lying to Congress. Details are still slight and sketchy, so it's not known if it's a full-on perjury charge, or if they're getting at him for interfering with the investigation.

Tejada was interviewed by Congressional investigators following Rafael Palmeiro's failing of a steroid test. Palmeiro had only months earlier sworn to Congress that he had never used steroids. And Tejada was interviewed because Palmeiro claimed that he didn't take steroids, but that Tejada gave him B12 injections. Things were fine for Tejada until he was named in the Mitchell Report as a steroids user. At that point, Congress ordered an investigation of Tejada because Tejada had told the investigators that he did not use steroids.

Bloomberg News is reporting prosecutors as saying that Tejada "unlawfully, willingly and knowingly" lied about the steroid usage of an unidentified player -- that would be Palmeiro. Tejada and his attorney are set to appear in U.S. District Court at 11:00 tomorrow morning. Neither Tejada nor the Astros have commented on the matter.

Bloomberg also states that it appears a plea agreement between Tejada and the Feds has been reached.

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