This Killer Bee Story Kind of Made Us Nervous

It's bee season, no, make that so-called Africanized bee season.

On Friday a swarm of bees attacked and killed three dogs in Katy, causing Texas A&M experts to weigh in on the situation in a Houston Chronicle article. They are saying that these high-temper bees are pretty much you standard free-range bee here in Texas.

"Once the bees are agitated and defensive of their nest, they're going to keep on sending bees out, if the dogs have nowhere to go, it's just a very bad situation," Mark Dykes, who runs the A&M based Texas apiary inspection service to the Chronicle.

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Local officials in Katy have put out the alert for super big bee hives and are working on getting rid of them.

That sort of rapid response doesn't seem the be the case for one couple whose swarm of bees near their Reid Street home in Houston made the news recently. No one was reported hurt from that swarm and we don't know if they are of the killer or Africanized variety. It's not even officially summer yet, but we're sure we'll be hearing more about these dangerous bees. We just hope the body count doesn't go up.

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