This Kool-Aid is Delicious!!

At the very least, he's gonna be an asset in bench-clearing brawls.

Two things we know about

Houston Chronicle

sports columnist Richard Justice: 1) For some reason, he is far better, more engaging, much easier to take when he's on the radio as opposed to when he's in print; and 2) He really, really loves the Astros.

He was on KILT-AM this morning from Kissimmee raving about new Astro Carlos Lee, who will apparently astonish us all by playing left field with finesse and grace despite having the physique of an arena-league offensive tackle.

But that bit of Panglossian analysis wouldn't have shocked anyone who's read Justice's reports from spring training this year. Here are the headlines:

February 16 — Astros Look Set to Make Another Run February 20 — There's Still a Lot to Like About Lidge February 21 — Backe Loses None of His Enthusiasm February 22 — Ensberg Set to Get Back to Business February 23 — Rocket's Presence Invaluable

Hey, we know spring training is the time for eternal optimism, but writing a series of glowing hosannahs to Brad Lidge, Brendan Backe and Morgan Ensberg is setting a new standard. The 2006 season did happen, after all. Or maybe it really was just a bad nightmare we had. -- Richard Connelly

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