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It takes a while for the print edition of the Bryan-College Station


to make its way to the

Houston Press

offices, and once it does it takes a while for us to get around to reading it.

So it is only now that we can tell you that the front-page news March 14 included this stunning announcement: "Hooters to Open Doors in Brazos."

The lede: "After years of rumors, speculation and a lot of wishful thinking by some people in the community, the famous Hooters restaurant chain will be opening its doors in Bryan within a year, a franchise vice president said Tuesday."

For quite some length, the Eagle delved into the Hooters phenomenon, which we didn't really think was much of a phenomenon anymore. The restaurant chain, readers were informed, is known for "its hot wings and scantily clad waitresses." Meaning, we guess, that they define "scantily clad" a little differently in Bryan-College Station.

The Hooters veep said "some special stuff" was being planned to deal with the chain's orange colors, seeing as how Aggies hate that color.

We sort of wondered why a story about a proposed Hooter's would be so long, accompanied by a photo of the proposed site, and placed on the front page. Then we read this sentence: "If approved, Hooters would be among only a handful of chain restaurants located in Bryan."

You're coming up in the world of sexually orientated entertainment, Ags. Cross your fingers and maybe next you'll get Cinemax. -- Richard Connelly

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