This River Oaks Playhouse Is Better Than Your Crappy Apartment

Swamplot points us to a New York Times article that would make any normal person either cry for America or just throw in the towel on humanity.

Kristi Schiller of River Oaks loves to talk about how much charity work she does, all of which apparently gives her carte blanche to let the rest of the world eat cake.

She and her oil-bidness husband have built their four-year-old daughter a two-story Cape Cod playhouse featuring hardwood floors, running water, air conditioning and a 32-inch flatscreen TV.

At least the kid won't be spoiled like she would if it was a 38-inch flatscreen.

"I think of it as bling for the yard," Schiller told the Times, finding perhaps the perfect way to make the whole thing even more obnoxious.

At 170 square feet, the thing also features vaulted ceilings. Party guests just looove to visit it, we're told.

The Times quotes someone who builds such playhouses, which can go from $26,000 to $54,000.

"Childhood is a precious and finite thing," Barbara Butler said. "And a special playhouse is not the sort of thing you can put off until the economy gets better."

No, you certainly can't.

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