"Seriously, it's gently worn..."

This Story Ain't Tired

Man, oh man, last Friday's kooky car chase has turned out to be a gift that keeps on giving.

First, we have the revelations of the driver, Kenneth Ray Pool, who told KHOU that he shot at police and fled in his truck because he'd upped his antidepressants. He also noted that he learned his Dukes of Hazzard driving when he was a wee boy on his pappy's lap. Awesome.

Now, there's a piece of the journey that's for sale. A local man who found one of the two tires that Pool lost during his high-speed run has put the tire up for bid on eBay. As of posting time, the busted up wheel is going for $291.66. The seller has noted that proceeds go to the Pasadena Police Department.

As if peddling the tire weren't enough, the seller even offers up a little comedy for us. Says he:

Interestingly enough, this tire is a Uniroyal "Liberator." It did not liberate this driver.


If you want a piece of local high-speed-chase history (and who doesn't, frankly?), hop on and bid with confidence. You've got until August 5. Kudos to this local, who's doing something worthwhile with a piece of kitsch. You're a Power Seller in our book, pal.

Heck, I'd be upping the ante on the tire, but I already have my eye on another automotive purchase. — Steven Devadanam

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