This week in Café: La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant

After a day of errands and chores, our group was sweaty and hungry. We were clad in dirty shorts, flip-flops and the like, and we had an unruly infant in tow. Our destination was a Mexican restaurant called Cantina Laredo at Wilcrest and Westheimer.

While we were looking for a space in the crowded parking lot the restaurant shares with Whole Foods, a couple walked by on the way to Cantina Laredo's front door. She was an attractive blonde in tight jeans, and he was wearing a natty silk shirt. There was an awkward silence as we watched them walk by the car. Then, to everyone's relief, I suggested that we go to a different restaurant.

A block farther down Westheimer, we pulled into the empty parking lot of the aging and forlorn-looking La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant. I had never heard of the place. There were some doubts expressed from the back seat drivers, but there was something about the look of the place that I liked. I convinced the skeptics it was worth a try.

Now they won't eat Mexican food anywhere else. – Robb Walsh


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