This Week In TV: Idol's Coming, Whether You're Ready or Not

My car's in the shop, I can't figure what season it is, and I don't know what to do about the Indians in the lobby. This was Thanksgiving week in TV Land:

Glee is going bye-bye for a while. The last episode of the year will air on December 9, completing the original 13-episode order, and the show won't return to finish out its first season until April of next year, after American Idol wraps its season. Thanks a pantload, Fox. You finally cook up a show worth watching, and then you put it on hiatus for four months so you can continue to inflict Idol on people. Also, when Glee returns, it will air on Tuesdays.

• So, Jimmy Fallon did an impression of Neil Young and performed the theme song to "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air." It was cute, but I still say this girl does a better cover:

How I Met Your Mother brought back one of its best running gags this week as Marshall slapped Barney for the fourth time to collect on the bet they made years back about Robin's aversion to malls. The show resembles Friends and other successful sitcoms in that you can pretty much drop in and out at your own discretion even while series-long jokes are used, giving the whole thing a nice feeling of continuity. The only weird part of the episode was having Chris Elliot, who's 49, play the father of Alyson Hannigan, who's 35. Television!

• A TV critic over at The Hollywood Reporter has compiled a list of the best TV shows of the decade. The list does not include The Wire or Arrested Development but it does feature Damages (wtf dudes) and Modern Family (funny, but still, no AD). Make your displeasure known.

• Also, who are the people on Modern Family talking to? At least The Office copped to being a documentary at the beginning (though the sheer tonnage of footage collected by now would surely be enough, but whatevs). But I don't remember anyone on Modern Family ever explaining or having a valid reason to talk to a hidden interviewer. Granted, some of the interviews are the best moments of the show, but why are they even happening?

• Man, I forgot how bare holiday weeks can be for TV viewing. I actually found myself watching a Law & Order: Criminal Intent marathon the other night. (Spoiler alert: the killer is the guest star.) Just a reminder of how dull summer will be, too.

• Another reason to dislike NBC: Friday Night Lights is apparently not coming back until the summer, or maybe the late spring. That's a hell of a lot later than the January start I'd anticipated based on last year. The season's currently airing on DirecTV, which shares production costs with NBC, but I don't have DirecTV and don't read spoilers (so don't say a damn thing or I will kill you). I just want the show back so I can see it. Screw the Winter Games, I want Tim Riggins.

Looking ahead to this week, um, more of the same? If you're into White Collar on USA, this Friday is the fall finale. My dad called me to rave about this show, and while he's got pretty typical dad viewing habits -- The Closer, every damn CSI they make -- I've heard from other people that the show's actually pretty fun. More importantly: Scrubs: The College Years (or whatever) debuts Tuesday on ABC, and Turk is still around, so I'll tune in.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.