This Weekend's Best Bets: A Story of the Worst Sibling Ever

It happens for many families at Thanksgiving. What, on paper, looks like it should be a time to enjoy the company of relatives, maybe even reconnect with those you've lost touch with, turns into old wounds torn open.

Fights, arguments and an airing of grievances that would make Frank Costanza proud.

If this happened to you yesterday, and you're still simmering and maybe feeling a little guilty over a spat with your brother or sister, just know that neither you nor they are the worst sibling ever. No, that title has already been taken.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Judy Lawson!

For many years, she was estranged from her brother, but recently the two had become close again as the man suffered from Huntington's disease, which affects the central nervous system. Perhaps it was innate kinship she felt for her ailing brother, or perhaps it was a kinship she felt with his bank account.

For after he lent her 1,500 pounds, Lawson proceeded to steal over another 4,000 pounds from him, including nearly 300 of which she spent playing slot machines. That's the unseemly, ugly side of gambling, people.

For her trouble, Lawson received a six-month suspended sentence, but I can't help thinking that if she had just decided to follow...okay, FADE my picks, she wouldn't have needed to steal from her brother!

So Judy Lawson, to keep you from thieving your ill brother further, here are six picks to go opposite of this weekend and put some money in your pocket (I am picking almost 40 percent winners, people. Going oppo, you'll be rich!) Florida State -27 1/2 over FLORIDA Sorry, I can't take the points (even 27 of them, at home) with a team who a) lost to Georgia Southern at home last weekend, and b) whose players did this during that game:

As John McClain would say, PATHETIC!

USC -3 over UCLA Interim head coach Eddie Orgeron wants the full time USC gig. His players want him to get it. Hell, even the guy he is replacing (Lane Kiffin) thinks he should get the job. This is the last chance for Eddie O to make a big impression before USC AD Pat Haden goes into hardcore search mode, and a win over rival UCLA would be huge. Coach O is a four point loss at Notre Dame away from running the table since Kiffin's ouster. Honestly, if it weren't for the video I just embedded of those two Florida players, the resurgence of Coach O would be the strangest story so far this season.

Notre Dame +15 1/2 over STANFORD Speaking of USC's loss to Notre Dame, one of the teams that USC has beaten during this run was Stanford just a couple weeks ago. So Notre Dame beat USC, who a couple weeks later beat Stanford, so now a couple weeks after that Stanford is favored over an 8-3 Notre Dame squad by more than two touchdowns? I don't see it. With wins over 10-1 Michigan State, 9-2 Arizona State, and the aforementioned USC win, this Stanford game is the type of game this Notre Dame team has shown up for this season. They may not win. In fact, without Louis Nix clogging the middle, shutting down that Tyler Gaffney and the Stanford power run game will be tough, but I think ND can keep it within two scores.

COLTS -4 over Titans How ugly is the AFC playoff picture? Well, we are in Week 12 and literally every AFC team is still mathematically alive. Even the 2-9 Texans are three games out of the last playoff spot. Only two small problems: 1) There are nine teams in between the Texans and that playoff spot and 2) the Texans suck. Right now the team that sits in the sixth playoff spot? The Tennessee Titans! The Tennessee Titans who have actually started Ryan Fitzpatrick in numerous games this season would be in the playoffs if the season ended today. At 5-6. Well, it'll be 5-7 come Sunday night. Andrew Luck has yet to lose two in a row as a pro, and he won't start doing it on Sunday.

EAGLES -3 over Cardinals Nick Foles is now the full time starter officially, Chip Kelly said so this week, and thus ends the Michael Vick-Chip Kelly marriage, which looked somewhat interesting and even a little promising, but wound up being a big popcorn fart. (It's the "Season 2 of The Newsroom" of QB-head coach marriages.)

Patriots -7 1/2 over TEXANS The Texans are a wretched 1-10 against the spread this season. You know the old saying -- fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 11 times, shame on me!

Last week: 3-3 Season record: 30-46-2

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