This Weekend's Best Bets: Sarlacc Pit On Star Wars Night Edition

In college football, it's been a strange year in the SEC.

The SEC West has gone pretty much according to form, save Auburn suddenly regaining their mojo about two years ahead of schedule under Gus Zalzahn. The SEC East, on the other hand, has been a circus, with last year's sad sack Missouri all of a sudden finding itself with a two game lead and a number five ranking in the country.

In fact, last weekend five underdogs all not only covered the spread, but won outright. They were:

Missouri +3 Vanderbilt +7 Tennessee +7 Mississippi +10 Auburn +14

According to my man R.J. Bell (founder of pregame.com), if you had parlayed $100 on these five underdogs to win outright, you'd have won over $63,000! (Of course, you'd have probably lost well over $63,000 over the last few years placing idiotic parlay bets, too. Keep that in mind.)

You know how else you could win $63,000? Betting the opposite of my Best Bets in 2013!

The carnage continued last week as I had another 2-4 week. That's the bad news. The good news is that the process of copying and pasting the text for my record each week has become really easy, as I go 2-4 every week and don't even have to edit the "Last week" portion of the graphics.

So let's roll through this week's set of 2-4 picks!

OKLAHOMA -7 over Texas Tech You have to admire the job that first year head coach Kliff Kingsbury is doing in Lubbock, as he has the Red Raiders sitting at 7-0 and number 10 in the country, and this is while presumably juggling his coaching duties with that whole "getting more ass than a toilet seat" thing. (Not sure if you've heard, but the ladies like Kliff.) That said, I think the ranking is a little inflated (Vegas thinks it's a lot inflated.) and at some point, Tech gets ambushed by a better team in a hostile environment. I don't think the freshman quarterbacks are ready for Norman.

KANSAS +35 over Baylor Don't get me wrong, Kansas is still a bad football team. But honestly, all it takes it a slight improvement over the horrific mess Charlie Weis was coaching last season to stay inside a five touchdown spread at home, even against Art Briles and the Baylor Bears. I don't need a decided schematic advantage, I just need Charlie to scheme the Jayhawks to, say, a 56-24 loss. Minnesota +10 over NEBRASKA Playing the old "If a team is between #21 and #25 in the AP poll, and are favored on the road, fade them" rule. Hopefully, Bo Pelini doesn't get too pissed off at me.

SAINTS -10 1/2 over Bills Thad Lewis on the road against Drew Brees. REPEAT, Thad Lewis on the road against Drew Brees.

Redskins/BRONCOS OVER 58 1/2 The Redskins are giving up 34 points a game to teams with real quarterbacks this season (Translation: Every team they've played except the Raiders), so I'm penciling in the Broncos for 45, at least. So if the Redskins can score two touchdowns, we win.

Seahawks -11 over RAMS Kellen Clemens has the worst QBR rating of any quarterback with over 500 attempts since 2006, with a Dilferian 20.8. He is starting at quarterback for the Rams, who are so enamored with Clemens that they put feelers out to Brett Favre, who last played football in 2011, and not well. It's actually Star Wars night in St. Louis on Monday. If the Rams lose and don't cover, I'm hoping they have an actual sarlacc pit to sacrifice Clemens.

Last week: 2-4 (what else?) Season record: 15-33

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