Thor Morris: "Great Odin's raven!!!"
Thor Morris: "Great Odin's raven!!!"

Thor Morris, 20: Came from Asgard Crossed Half the Country to Hack Houston ATMs

As much of America learned this past weekend, Thor the God of Thunder (?) (Hammers? We weren't paying that much attention) came to Earth from Asgard to not have sex with Natalie Portman.

What we learned today: Thor, the God of Computer Hacking, came to Houston from North Carolina to get caught trying to hack more than $200,000 from ATMs. No hammer was involved.

Thor Morris, 20, of Jacksonville, North Carolina, was sentenced to three years in prison today without parole for his foiled scheme, the U.S. Attorney's Office announced.

"The charges against Morris came after an intensive computer intrusion investigation was initiated by FBI-Houston's Cyber Crimes Division in the early spring of 2010," the USAO said. "Agents uncovered a scheme where Morris planned to travel to Houston to hack into approximately 35 ATMs located throughout the city in an attempt to embezzle more than $200,000."

FBI Agents arrested Morris while he was in the act of attempting to gain unauthorized access into a storefront ATM machine on April 22, 2010.

"How dare you threaten the son of Odin with such a puny weapon!" Morris didn't say.

He entered a guilty plea to charges of fraud and related activity in connection with computer.

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