Miles Replaces Principals at 3 HISD High Schools [UPDATED]

Soon to be under new management
Soon to be under new management Screenshot

Although Houston ISD Superintendent Mike Miles said there would be no reconsitution of the New Education System Affiliated schools that opted in to his new academic vision, principals at two of those schools were replaced today.

The principals from Jack Yates — Tiffany Guillory — and Worthing — Everett Hare Sr. — were told they were being reassigned by Miles today. In addition, Principal De León at Sharpstown High was reassigned.

Of the three, Guillory's departure will probably be the most controversial. She was scheduled for termination by the former elected school board, but in response to public outcry from the Yates community, she was kept on.

In each case Miles sent a letter out to the school community Wednesday morning.

His statement in part:

"My leadership team and I reviewed existing plans for the future of these schools and determined that new leadership was necessary to drive the kind of improvement these high schools need to start preparing their students and graduates well for the workplace and world that waits for them after high school.

We have committed to the school communities that new permanent leadership will be in place before the start of August professional development.

New principals will have the ability to fill existing vacancies, but there will not be any further staff transition on these campuses, and any campus that opted into NES-Aligned will remain part of that cohort for the 2023-2024 school year."

Here's the letter sent to Sharpstown:

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