Three in a Row

It looks as if Woody Williams figured that there was only one way that he could guarantee he would ever get a victory as a member of the Astros, and that was if he did it himself. So, he drove in the game-winning run himself.

Hey, kids, the Astros have now won three straight games. I’m getting close to calling this a winning streak, but I’d like to see the Astros beat up on someone besides the Reds first.

It’s not like the Astros are destroying the Reds. The team had to work hard to preserve a 3-2 victory. And Dan Wheeler’s beginning to worry me. He gave up a couple of long shots for outs in the ninth.

Some tidbits from the game.

I was listening to Charlie Palillo before the game. Now, I missed Charlie’s interview with Phil Garner, but apparently, Garner keeps playing Adam Everett because the pitchers are comforted by having Everett’s glove at short. I think the next question should be: But yeah, are they more comforted by having Everett’s glove at short, or by seeing Everett come up to bat with two on and one out?

I also heard Bill Brown talking about Brad Lidge. Apparently, Brad Lidge really likes the more regular work that he’s now getting in his present role. Does this disturb you as much as it disturbs me? That, to me, is a clue that Lidge has lost his spark. I don’t care how good he appears to be pitching at the moment. Lidge should hate his current role. He should be itching to get that closer’s spot back from Dan Wheeler. Instead, Brown’s telling me that Lidge is really liking the regular work he’s getting now.

So, I don’t care that Richard Justice is, once again, writing about how Lidge has regained his mojo (and Justice, how many times are you going to write this? You wrote this several times last season. You wrote the same thing during spring training. And now. What about the disaster that is Brad Lidge are you not seeing?). If the guy’s not aching to regain his rightful spot on the team, then the guy’s not regained his mojo.

And, another Justice bit. He’s blogged that Craig Biggio has, once again, proven us all wrong. That he’s not washed up. Going into last night’s game, Biggio’s on-base percentage was .316. The only non-pitchers with lower on-base percentages are Hunter Pence, Jason Lane, Adam Everett, and Humberto Quintero. That is a really pitiful on-base percentage. Especially for a lead-off batter. So, tell me again, because I’m confused. Just how is it that Craig Biggio has proven us all wrong?

But I’m getting all negative and off topic. The Astros did win the game. And the team is now one game below .500. The series with the Reds ends today, with first pitch set for sometime after 11:30 a.m. -- John Royal

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