Thursday Weather Proof God is Mad About Andre Johnson Situation, Too

Thursday Weather Proof God is Mad About Andre Johnson Situation, Too

A constant gripe Houstonians, and Texans in general, have is the bi-polar nature of the weather here in the Lone Star State. If you've grown weary of these endless conversations about winter storms and weird (cue spooky sound effects) weather, you may want to avoid Twitter, Facebook and the water cooler at work tomorrow morning.

After waking up to a placid, mid-70s Wednesday, commuters can expect a near-freezing morning on Thursday as temps are expected to drop about 40 degrees overnight, with wind speeds expected to gust 35 mph.

While it'll be unseasonably chilly for a few days and we may get some semi-nasty rain, our neighbors in North Texas are expected to get even more havoc-inducing winter weather. The National Weather Service is calling for sleet, freezing rain, high winds and snow as early as tonight in North Texas, which could lead to a couple days' worth of hazardous driving conditions, thousands of memes and general pandemonium.

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So while we are in for some medium-jacket weather, a soggy commute and infuriatingly banal weather banter (expect a ton of "winter is coming" jokes) here, at least we won't be in Dallas.

But hey, enjoy another snow day North Texas.

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