Ticketed For Cursing In Public -- WTF? (Updated)

WTF is going on in La Marque?

A woman shopping at a Wal-Mart, frustrated that the store didn't have the batteries she needed as Tropical Storm Edouard loomed offshore, turned to her mother and said "They don't have any fucking more."

She was handcuffed and given a citation.

We'd never say this in a La Marque Wal-Mart, but what the fuck?

Kathryn Fridge, 28, was given a citation for disorderly conduct by an assistant fire marshal who happened to be within earshot when she said the word that is apparently never, ever uttered in public in La Marque.

Assistant La Marque Fire Marshal Alfred A. Decker IV issued the citation after, Fridge says, he told her she "need[ed] to watch her mouth." We are sure that Alfred A. Deckers I-III inclusive would be proud.

We've traded missed calls with La Marque fire chief Todd Zacherl, but he told the Galveston County Daily News that Fridge became unruly after Decker took her outside.

Zacherl said Fridge made a huge scene, cursing more, as she was led outside, handcuffed and then issued the citation.

“If she would have said, ‘yes sir,’ there would have been no problem and she would have been able to walk off, but there was not really much else he could do. He has to uphold the law,” Zacherl told the News.

Fridge, who we couldn't reach either (god-fucking-dammit), told the News that she only cursed one additional time and did not cause a scene.

Just remember, people: When Alfred A. Decker IV is on duty -- and he's always on duty -- keep an eye on your decorum. And ladies, no dresses above the knees, either.

Update: We've spoken with Zacherl, and his story remains the same -- no ticket would have been issued simply on the store incident, but Fridge escalated things.

"He asked her to refrain from using that language, and she told him to eff off," he says, obviously trying himself to avoid getting a ticket. "She stepped outside with him and, again, she says eff off and started to walk away."

He says a crowd had gathered and Decker was in uniform, so "something had to be done."

In fact, if not for Edouard's pending arrival, Fridge would have been taken to jail, he says.

"She actually told me [Decker] had been rude," says Zacherl. "And I said 'As opposed to cursing in front of your mother and kid?'"

-- Richard Connelly

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