Tidbits -- Missing Their Target Demographic

We’d like to know whom Houston


is trying to reach with its email blasts. Last week’s blast began:

“The nice homeless man on Shepherd keeps telling you, ‘Give me some change – I’m for Obama!’ It’s clear everyone’s got an opinion about this election.”

The email did not say, “The nerve of the unwashed, having political opinions. Don’t forget to roll up your windows and lock your doors.”

So what was the email pushing? “Specialty baubles…just in time for November’s decision day.” That’s right, for $62, you can buy a Maverick or Team Change necklace at Tootsie’s or Muse and let the world know whether you are a “red state or blue state kind of gal.” Matching bracelet is $58.

The Tidbits emails make us feel funny inside, yes, but then, Hair Balls might not be the ideal Tidbits reader. This week’s blast is about Halloween costumes:

“Since the days of fraternity functions have long since passed, you’ve only got one excuse a year to dress like a slut and get away with it. You’ve been working diligently on your fab abs and faux tan, so here are some hip Halloween bashes on Friday where you can show off your (tastefully) revealing costume.”

So that’s the Tidbits gal – a former frat party attendee and user of the word “slut” with a washboard tummy and fake tan who attends “bashes.”

Must’ve mistaken us for someone else.

Cathy Matusow

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