Tiffani Mayes, Houston Cop: You Made Some Traffic-Court Defendant Very Happy Today

When you get a ticket you want to fight, standard operating procedure if you don't want to spring for a lawyer is show up and hope the cop that gave it to you is absent.

You look around -- there's plenty of time to do so -- and your heart sinks if you see the officer.

Unless you were the person waiting to have HPD officer Tiffani Mayes, 28, testify earlier today. Sure enough, Mayes showed up...and then she was arrested by the cops.

That's a hell of a Plan B for the desperate defendant.

KTRK reports that Mayes, who became an HPD officer last year, was arrested on "an outstanding misdemeanor theft warrant out of Fort Bend County."

Mayes was surrounded by SWAT officers, standard procedure for arresting HPD officers, but surrendered without incident.

And someone in traffic court this morning left with a smile on their face.

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