Tilman Fertitta Is Not A Homeless-Hating Grinch, City Of Galveston Says

There was an odd story in the

Galveston County Daily News

this morning.

It was headlined "Landry's Nixes Convention Center Shelter."

The News reported that the city of Galveston had planned to use its convention center to house people returning to the city to wrecked homes:

Less than an hour after announcing they planned to use the Galveston Island Convention Center as a temporary shelter for residents, city officials said they were still looking for a shelter location.

Plans changed after representatives from Landry’s Restaurants learned about the city’s intentions.

That's cold, Landry's. What, you're worried about some newly homeless people bringing the neighborhood down?

We called Landry's for comment, and -- perhaps showing just what influence Tilman Fertitta has down in Galveston -- we were told the city would be issuing "a retraction."

E-mail from the island being what it is, we haven't received it yet, but we're told it's an official statement from the city that apparently says Landry's are not cold-hearted villains. (The company manages the convention center.)

Like we say, Tilman knows how to get things done down there.

-- Richard Connelly

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