Federal suit filed.
Federal suit filed.

Tim Bobo, Fredericksburg Cop, Sued on Claim of Roughing Up Diabetic Man

A man says he was in the midst of a diabetic episode when a Fredericksburg cop threw him to the ground during a traffic stop.

Brian Kane has sued police officer Tim Bobo over the August 2010 incident.

Kane's suit says he has Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes, and he was driving to his parents' home when he began to feel the effects of low blood sugar. He stopped at a convenience store for a soda and candy, but once he was driving he again felt the effects.

When Bobo pulled him over, Kane said he handed the officer a card reading:

I have diabetes. I am not intoxicated. If I am unconscious or my behavior is peculiar, I may be having a reaction associated with diabetes or its treatment.

"Bobo recognized that plaintiff was slumping over, speaking slowly and staring off into the distance, which are all clear signs of a diabetic episode," the suit says.

Bobo ordered him out of the car, the suit says, and grabbed his arm, "which was extremely sensitive due to a medical device that had been previously placed there."

When Kane told Bobo not to touch his arm, the suit says, the officer "forcefully and violently tackled plaintiff and threw him to the ground."

Kane said he fractured his shoulder, among other injuries.

The suit, filed in federal court, asks for damages but does not specify a dollar amount.

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