Tim Tebow Visiting Texas...to Speak in Corpus Christi

A few of you read that headline and thought, "Oh, dear God, no!" A few others of you read it and thought, "Oh, dear God, yes!" Either way, just like your thoughts, we're pretty sure Tim Tebow's visit to Corpus Christi will involve the big man upstairs. He will be speaking tonight at Whataburger Field (home of the fightin' AA Corpus Christi Hooks) in Corpus as part of a YMCA event called "Celebration of Collaborations."

Awkward, alliterative (see what I did there?) title aside, the event is being billed as "A Night with Tim Tebow," which might sound creepy if we weren't talking about, you know, Tebow. The former Heisman winner and apparently soon to be former Jets backup QB has been covered relentlessly by the national media since he entered the NFL. No word on if ESPN will camp out in Corpus hoping for a sighting.

We wondered if Corpus Christi had ever hosted any other famous backup quarterbacks. Did Cody Carlson or Gifford Nielsen ever make a trek to the "Sparkling City by the Sea?" Bucky Richardson probably went through there on his way to Padre Island for spring break when he was at A&M, but that might be it.

The good news is that, if you get on the road now, you should get there early enough to have lunch, maybe visit the Texas State Aquarium (which is awesome, by the way) and then make your way over to Whataburger Field. There are still a thousand tickets left (of the 4,500 made available), so plenty of good seats available. Maybe he'll talk about Rex Ryan or abortion or some other controversial topic, like his completion percentage.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.