Time For Another Round-Up Of All The Traffic Scofflaws

Houston cops have been free and easy with the traffic tickets lately, and now city officials are making sure they get that cash.

The city announced yet another "warrant round-up," where cops come knocking on your door or into your cubicle to drag you away for unpaid tickets. It also gives reporters a chance to use the word "scofflaw," an opportunity that never comes around often enough.

"Officers will aggressively target persons with warrants and arrests will be made at their home, school, or workplace," the city announced.

If you're really lucky, you can be one of the hapless people who get nabbed by the cop who's being followed around by a camera crew. Be sure to wear a dirty white undershirt for your moment of arrest glory.

Or, we guess, you can take this warning seriously and go pay your tickets.

-- Richard Connelly

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