Time For The Monthly Bus-Rail Crash In Front Of Metro Headquarters

This has got to be embarrassing.

In a repeat performance, a Metro bus and rail train today collided in the same spot -- in front of Metro's downtown headquarters -- where a Metro bus and rail train collided about a month ago. A couple days after the last one, Metro released a video of the crash.

According to Metro spokeswoman Raquel Roberts, today's collision happened at about 2:15 p.m. About 45 people were riding the bus and rail, and 18 or 19 people (both numbers were reported) were taken to the hospital with injuries that weren't life threatening. The bus driver and rail operator were both injured.

Unlike last time, Metro isn't saying the crash happened because the bus ran a red light. Roberts said that Metro would review the film from on-board cameras to determine the cause.

"We have to look at this very closely to see if there's any correlation with the last [crash]," Roberts said. "This could be just another unfortunate accident."

There are other differences. This time, the rail train was traveling north when it was hit by the bus. And last time, the train hit the bus, ripping out a chunk of steel and glass. It was the other way around today.

The bus from the last crash was totaled, but Roberts didn't know the status of the rail car or the cost of the damages. The windshield was smashed out of the bus today, but it drove away from the accident. The rail had part of its front end knocked off, but the damage looked minimal.

Metro is using buses -- northbound on Travis and southbound on Fannin -- to transport people to different platforms for people who still need to ride the rail.

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