Time Grudgingly Credits The Chronicle For Its Work On Army-Recruiter Suicides

Time magazine has done a comprehensive report on the suicides among Army recruiters, a massive piece with plenty of attention paid to the troubles in Houston.

As we read it, we wondered -- more and more as it went on -- how they were not giving any credit to the Houston Chronicle, which has been doing sterling work on the subject.

Finally, five paragraphs from the end, some grudging acknowledgment is made:

It wasn't until reports in the Houston Chronicle provoked Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas to demand answers that the Army launched an investigation into the string of suicides. "It's tragic that it took four deaths to bring this to the attention of a U.S. Senator and to ask for a formal investigation," Cornyn says. After Cornyn began asking questions, the Army ordered Brigadier General F.D. Turner to investigate. Recruiters told him that their task is a "stressful, challenging job that is driven wholly by production, that is, the numbers of people put into the Army each month," Turner disclosed Dec. 23 after a two-month probe.

Which is better than nothing, we guess. More importantly, let's hope Time's piece drags the Army out of its collective blind spot on this.

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