Time Magazine Cover: The United States of Texas

This week's Time Magazine asserts that Texas is the future of the country and that future is going to be complicated. The cover is a map of Texas broken down into individual states and is pretty clever. Hey, anytime someone puts Texas on the cover of a magazine, we probably won't argue.

We did chuckle a bit when we noticed that the state in the Houston area was Minnesota and the one in the Dallas region was Arizona. Not sure we necessarily disagree on either.

The whole article is not available online, but we found this brief summation to be interesting:

To a lot of Americans, Texas feels like the future. And I would argue that more than any other state, Texas looks like the future as well -- offering us a glimpse of what's to come for the country at large in the decades ahead. America is experiencing ever greater economic inequality and the thinning of its middle class; Texas is already one of our most unequal states. America's safety net is fraying under the weight of ballooning Social Security and Medicare costs; Texas' safety net was built frayed. Americans are seeking out a cheaper cost of living and a less regulated climate in which to do business; Texas has that in spades. And did we mention there's no state income tax?

There's a bumper sticker sometimes seen around the state that proclaims, I WASN'T BORN IN TEXAS, BUT I GOT HERE AS FAST AS I COULD. As the U.S. heads toward Texas, literally and metaphorically, it's worth understanding why we're headed there -- both to see the pitfalls ahead and to catch a glimpse of the opportunities that await us if we make the journey in an intelligent fashion.

Not exactly the prettiest picture painted of the Lone Star State unless you like those things. The writer admits he is a libertarian and seems to admire the whole cowboy, live-free-or-die mentality. All of us do when we aren't the poor people whose kid gets the flu and the only way they can help him is to go to a hospital emergency room. Not so great for the hospitals either, but we assume they'll cover that in the story. Should be an interesting read.

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