Holiday Email Deals Present Opportunity to Unsubscribe

It's a good time to fire bomb your inbox.
It's a good time to fire bomb your inbox. Photo by eddiedangerous via Flickr
If you are anything like us, you probably are subscribed to a ton of different companies and services. Most are the result of a purchase you made that one time for the aunt whose really obscure interest meant you had to buy her gift on a website to which you would never return. Since then, you get a regular reminder that your aunt is into porcelain miniature horse figurines.

Rounding up all the different services and getting off those lists can be a pain. You might consider just blacklisting them through your email. That is certainly an option, but they still have your email floating around. There is also the option of unsubscribing when they come in, but when on vacation and that weird newsletter about LARPing your ex was really into appears in the inbox, the tendency is just to delete it and try not to think about that time you bought a viking helmet.

And it isn't just personal stuff that crowds out the legitimate emails. All those emails you never requested for webinars you wouldn't attend if your life depended on it are part of that ever swelling list of digital annoyances.

During the holidays, particularly leading up to and immediately following Thanksgiving, the emails start rolling in because every single company has decided you need to buy their crap like right now. For you, your company, a friend, your aunt or your ex. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Give Me All Your Money Saturday. Whatever it is, it spurs an inbox full of junk you don't care about.

But, it also presents you with an opportunity. Remember that time you bought a single croissant at a pastry shop in a tiny town you'll never visit again like two years ago? They're back and they want you to buy more damn croissants. You haven't heard from them since the pandemic, but it's time for you to hear about their incredible holiday deals and they ship everywhere.

The good news is, unless a business is extremely shady, they will have an unsubscribe link in the footer of said email. Take full advantage of it. As every single offer rolls into your inbox, this is your chance to round them up and get rid of them for good. It might be the only time all year that everyone wants a piece of your digital dollar making them perfect targets for your brutal and uncaring unsubscribe click.

Of course, it is also a great time to keep the ones that actually matter to you or to modify your email preferences. Maybe a note every month from the garden store that only sells orchids is fine, but once a week is too much orchid.

It's also a chance to remove multiple emails from subscriptions. We have certainly been guilty of using our work and our personal emails for things on occasion forcing us to endure twice the newsletter frenzy. You can get that number down to one or even zero!

Yes, it may be a time when the number of junk emails in your box climbs to an astronomical number, but with a few clicks, you can save yourself a future of the same nonsense. Black Friday week is good for something after all.
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Jeff Balke is a writer, editor, photographer, tech expert and native Houstonian. He has written for a wide range of publications and co-authored the official 50th anniversary book for the Houston Rockets.
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