Time's Running Out To Win A Hangover Or Inglourious Basterds DVD

You've put it off long enough -- if you still want to cross someone (even yourself) off your Christmas list for free, you've got to enter our contests to win free DVDs of Inglourious Basterds or The Hangover.

Last day is tomorrow. For The Hangover, give us your best story about the sad, debauched results of an epic night of drinking. For Inglourious Basterds, tell us who you think is the most memorable movie Nazi, and why.

You can do it in the comments in the links above or, if you're feeling shy, shoot an e-mail to hairballscontest@houstonpress.com. Put the name of the relevant movie in the header.

Entries will be judged utterly subjectively. If they move us to laughter, to tears, to horror, to agreement about movie Nazis, they win.

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