Timothy Porter: Teacher, Volleyball Coach, Alleged Steroid & Cocaine Dealer

High school coaches can be inspiring figures, like Coach Taylor in Friday Night Lights.

Except we can't quite picture Taylor dealing coke and steroids, possibly to his own students and players.

That's what Friendswood police accuse Timothy Porter of doing, and he was arrested Wednesday at his League City home.

The arrest came after a three-month long-investigation into steroid dealing, but when police searched Porter's house they found more than steroids, they also found coke.

Police say they can't be sure yet if Porter's alleged customers included students.

"The extent of steroid use and sales involving student athletes is a serious concern shared by the Friendswood Police Department and the local communities that have students attending Clear Springs High School," Friendswood Police Chief Bob Wieners said in a prepared statement.

Porter, 45, had been head volleyball coach at Clear Creek High and was currently JV volleyball coach and physics and astronomy teacher at Clear Springs High. He's been with the district for 22 years.

The Clear Creek school district also issued a statement. "We share in our parents' concerns following the arrest of a Clear Springs High School teacher and coach on drug charges," it said. "If the allegations prove to be true, he will be terminated."

The statement also said, "The arrest and allegations are unsettling for the staff, students and parents of Clear Creek ISD since it perhaps undeservingly shines a negative light on the positive relationships we have worked to create between school and home."

Porter has been suspended from his duties.

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