Tip: If You're Too Drunk To Drive, Don't Pull Into The Police Parking Lot

Via the Galveston County Daily News comes word of yet another Great Moment In DWI History: A 35-year-old woman was, we guess, near-passing-out drunk (at 8 pm, no less -- way to get an early start!!) and decided she needed to pull over.

Getting that drunk and driving: Bad idea.

Deciding to pull over: Good idea.

Deciding to pull over in the Texas City police department's parking lot: Probably not a good idea.

A cop ending his shift walked out and saw a parked car with the engine running and the woman slumped over the wheel. Using his Columbo-like powers of deduction, he took action.

Not only was she slurring, but police found some Xanax -- just the thing to put that bit of lagniappe into your DWI experience.

"If she would have honked her horn, we would have let her in," one police officer told the News.

We already see the plea before the court -- I was depressed, your honor; when I realized the error of my ways I tried my best to turn myself in but, ummmm, fell asleep.

It's worth a shot.

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