To Be Continued?

Five years after she gave her kiddos the most thorough bath of their lives, Andrea "I'm With Stupid" Yates has been found not guilty by reason of insanity. You know, as opposed to all those other lucid moms who kill their kids.

Proving its total omnipotence, it was an episode of Law&Order that brought this about in the first place. In the first trial, prosecution witness Dr. Park Dietz testified about an episode of the show that simply never aired, which makes one wonder if dude was having dreams about teaming up with Jerry Orbach.

Of course, the big question here is not, "Did the jury reach a just verdict?" but "How the hell can you listen to Rusty Yates for five minutes without realizing his bat-shittiness is contagious?" Seriously, the dude put his wife's soul in the hands of a wingnut preacher and made his family live in a bus. I wouldn't be surprised if ol' Rusty made Andrea serve finger sandwiches on the nights Koresh, Jim Jones, and Hale-Bopp Herff came over for Texas Hold 'Em.

Well, it's over now. Andrea Yates will likely spend the rest of her life in the nuthouse while Rusty's out there creating a whole new brood. Wait. On second thought, it may not be over after all... -- Craig Malisow

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