To Do: Art Opening Tonight

Looking to start your night off with a little agitprop? Head over to the Art League Houston for the opening of "The Pump That Jack Used: an Observation by Anthony Thompson Shumate."

According to the press materials, Shumate recently discovered "the same 15 people sit on almost every major oil company board and are either directly or indirectly connected to many technology, utility, and health insurance corporate boards as well," prompting the artist to make interactive works that hip viewers to this overlap.

To quote:

His belief is that "through closed door negotiations, this powerful corporate cartel scratches one another's backs, lowering or raising prices, on negotiable whims." Shumate deftly presents his assertion that "this handful of powerful people control almost every aspect of our lives, while we remain oblivious and subservient to their control."

Of course, with this kind of show there's always the risk of an artist's non-nuanced politics overpowering any aesthetic concerns, but we'll just have to wait till tonight to see about all that. -- Keith Plocek

"The Pump That Jack Used" opens tonight from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Art League Houston, 1953 Montrose, 713-523-9350.

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