To Do: Pub Crawl on Friday

Houstonians can celebrate Texas Independence by freeing themselves from their cars on Friday. Our fellow bloggers at Houstonist are sponsoring a Light Rail Pub Crawl to celebrate the state holiday.

"A lot of Texas heroes really enjoyed their alcohol, so we figured this was a good way to celebrate their contributions to our great state," says Houstonist editor Jim Parsons.

The evening will start 5:30 p.m. at The Flying Saucer, where participants will be given a Houstonist card. The card will get them drink specials at some stops on the crawl, but Parsonist assured us that none of the places will be too pricey. At each stop, a Houstonist staffer will punch the card and those who show up at all the locations will get some free swag at the end of the night.

"Perhaps a T-shirt, perhaps a lock of one of our writers' hair or maybe a Bentley," Parsonist says.

The crawl will leave the Saucer at around 6:30-7-ish and take the rail to The Continental Club for the Molly & The Ringwalds happy hour, with next door neighbors Tacos A Go-Go offering some deals on meals for participants. Parsonist is keeping a tight lip on the other locations for the evening but latecomers will be able to keep up with the crawl through a free text messaging service known as Dodgeball. Basically, after signing up for the service participants will be texted every time the party moves to a new location. (More info on that here.)

We suggest showing up early because those who do will be rewarded with a free light rail pass and drink specials at the Saucer. Those who don't will be required to purchase a pass for $2. "We don't want anyone getting arrested by the Metro Police," says Parsonist.

So whether you just want to have some drinks, meet new folks, celebrate Texas Independence or offer Parsonist tips on how to work a coffeemaker, take the rail (or drive your car) to The Flying Saucer after work Friday. HouStoned will see you there. 5:30 p.m. 705 Main. For information, e-mail jim@houstonist.com or visit www.houstonist.com. -- Dusti Rhodes

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