Dusti Rhodes
Linda Darke Swaynos and the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Toast to Toast

When we called

Linda Darke Swaynos

to ask about her show "

TOAST: A Celebration of Life

," she was thrilled. "Oh, that's good, because I've been making so much toast!" she said with a giddiness rarely associated with breakfast foods. Her two-day show -- on view this Friday and Saturday at

Winter Street Studios

-- features 2,400 slices of bread. Some are simply toasted, while others have images branded into them such as smiley faces and flowers. "There will be a big snowflake made of toast," the artist says, "because just like snowflakes, each piece of toast is unique."

The show will also include a stack of toast as tall as Swaynos, creative centers for kids to make their own toast art, and even an adults-only section. "People can make their own X-rated toast and a Bloody Mary to go with it," Swaynos says. "You'll be encouraged to mess about." Other facets include a haiku station where viewers can write odes to the greatest thing since sliced bread and "a big tribute to the poor heel that nobody ever wants." — Dusti Rhodes

For more on this tribute to a part of a well-balanced breakfast, check out our Night & Day� section which showcases some other old things interpreted in unlikely new ways, including a flamenco dance about coal mining, a housewife who sees herself as a superheroine and a surrealist take on a staple of high school drama club productions.

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