Ray Hafner
Arcuri entertains - and educates - some downtown boobs

Today in Public Semi-Nudity

So Playboy Bunny/model/activist

Robin Arcuri

showed up downtown today, just as


, to protest the Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus which hits town tomorrow. What seemed to be a traffic jam at the corner of Capitol and Milam turned out to be a line of drivers who just


turn left. Not when there was a topless woman with huge fake scars on her back and chains around her ankles lying on the ground.

"My wife just called me and said 'You ain't down there looking at that naked lady, are you?'," a bike messenger who happened to be at the scene told me. There seemed to be a lot of that going around. Downtown suits muscled for the best camera phone shot of Arcuri and her lady lumps. Meanwhile, eager protesters from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals passed out flyers and told of the horrors of the circus. (For A/V, a protestor wore a TV monitor which showed video of elephant abuse at the Ringling circus.)

But Arcuri stole the show. She garnered heaps of seedy grins from men, and earnest praise from women who couldn't believe she could lie topless on the street and withstand the impending sunburn. "Whatever I go through today," the blonde, busty martyr told me, "pales in comparison to what these animals have to endure."

Arcuri and her PETA pals held a similar event yesterday in Dallas. Considering the city's penchant for ridiculously large breasts, it's no surprise that mounds of Dallasites turned out to see the topless protest. For the most part, things were fine and dandy here. Well, save a heated argument between the PETA crew and a pro-life passer-by, who berated the protesters for their hypocritical outcry against animal abuse, when "babies are getting their brains sucked out" in abortions.

What a downer. The woman clearly didn't get the message. If you want to save God's creatures from horrifying abuse, you gotta lose the shirt. Heads up, Charlize. — Steven Devadanam

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