Today's DVDs: Good Actors In Bad Movies -- Legion, Edge of Darkness and Daybreakers

Stick your hopes for quality cinematic releases back in your pocket. This week's list of DVD releases is topped by a trio of B-movie action flicks that star some A-list names: Legion with Paul Bettany, Charles Dutton and Dennis Quaid, Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson and Daybreakers with Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill.

In Legion Paul Bettany is the angel Michael. He's come to earth to save an infant child from God's wrath (seem God is pretty disappointed in the human race and is going to wipe people off the planet -- again).

As always, Bettany is eye-catching on screen. Bible-savvy viewers will have to ignore lots of incongruencies in the story. (For example, how can an angel try to pull one over on an all-knowing God? Wouldn't God know what Michael was up to from the get-go and squash all his attempts to save the child?)

Rounding out the trio of today's releases is Daybreakers, with vampires and humans in an end of the world face-off. Written and directed by Michael and Peter Spierig, Daybreakers is set in the near future. A pandemic disease has turned most humans into vampires. With fewer and fewer humans around to supply fresh blood, vampires turn to Bromley Marks, a pharmaceutical company, headed by Charles Bromley (Sam Neill).

Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke) is a vampire and a scientist working on a blood substitute but what he finds instead is a cure for vampirism. The trouble is the vampires don't seem to want to be cured. The pharmaceutical company that's making big money off the blood hungry vampires doesn't want them cured either. None of which makes Edward very popular. And when you're surrounded by thirsty vamps and cutthroat corporate execs, being unpopular can be deadly.

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Olivia Flores Alvarez