Together In Life And Death

Over the weekend, two local legends died -- private investigator Clyde Wilson and attorney Tom Alexander.

The Houston Chronicle duly made note of the deaths, of course, but didn't mention the two were closely related professionally. And they worked together on two very high-profile Houston cases.

Wilson helped Alexander go after tort king John O'Quinn in the State Bar's first attempt to discipline him, back in the `80s. (Just to show there were no hard feelings, the ever-wily Wilson later worked for O'Quinn's lawyers in a subsequent Bar attempt to discipline him.)

And in 1996 the Houston political world was abuzz with the mayoral race between Bob Lanier and State Rep. Sylvester Turner.

Shortly before election day, KTRK's Wayne Dolcefino ran a damaging report saying Turner had participated in the faked death of one of his clients. Turner sued a bunch of people, and at one point asked for notes on phone calls Wilson had made.

Alexander was repping Wilson, and responded with this: "Piously preaching privacy to conceal his own participation in matters of public record, plaintiff inconsistently attempts to invade the privacy of the records of clients and subjects of [Wilson's] investigations."

The pair also worked together on the Hermann Hospital scandal way back when.

Odd, but fitting somehow, that they would die within a day of each other. Alexander, especially, was a hoot and a half to interview.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.