Tom Brady Is One Sexy Lady

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned from the recent

Erin Andrews posts

, it’s that

sex sells

. Especially if the sex involves the words

Erin Andrews, nude, and Playboy

. Sadly, this should be the last mention of Erin Andrews, nude, and


in this post, but it’s a good lead in for my topic.

While not exactly Playboy in that it doesn’t have photos of nude women (link not safe for work), Esquire magazine does feature lots of women inside its pages, generally famous women, and generally attractive, famous women. Every year Esquire does a Sexiest Woman Alive feature. Previous winners have included Angelina Jolie, Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson, and current title-holder Charlize Theron.

The good folks at Esquire are now seeking comments to see what woman will take the title from Ms. Theron next year. The list of nominees (hat tip to the blog Awful Announcing by way of the Detroit Free Press) includes Houston’s own Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Salma Hayak and Tom Brady.

Yep, you read that right. Tom Brady. The QB of the New England Patriots. I’m sure Brady’s teammates are giving him hell. I’m sure there’s many a defensive player around the NFL who can’t believe he got his ass kicked by the Sexiest Woman Alive. And while personally I would probably write in Ashley Judd, I’m tempted to find a way to go vote for Tom Brady.

So here’s to next year and 2008’s Sexiest Woman Alive, Tom Brady. It’s not quite as good as Erin Andrews nude in Playboy, but hey, you take the victories where you can. – John Royal

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.