Tom Brady's Latest Heat Check: Bow Tie And Bro Celebration At Kentucky Derby

When it comes to sports and championships, Boston is different than most cities. Whatever the sport, every city wants to win a championship, but very few cities hate to lose as much as Boston. They level to which fans in that town care is borderline irrational.

Consequently, if you're a player who leads a team to a championship, you're beloved. If you're a player who leads a team to multiple championships, you can do damn near anything you want.

Exhibit A: Tom Brady.

Tom Brady won three Super Bowl titles in four years at the very outset of his career, and this made him an immediate Mount Rushmore level sports figure in the New England region, and rightfully so. He was a "made" guy, and this pretty much allowed him to do seemingly anything he wanted to on and off the field going forward.

And man, has Brady taken advantage of the latitude New Englanders have afforded him.

We've seen Tom Brady on billboards with puppy dogs. We've seen Tom Brady doing advertisements for Uggs for men (Uggs for men is an oxymoron, by the way.). We've seen Tom Brady dancing like no one's watching at Carnivale. We've seen Tom Brady with every hatable haircut possible.

Basically, Tom Brady's life has become one big heat check. However, there is one place that we've never seen Tom Brady before -- the Kentucky Derby.

That changed this weekend.

For those of you who have never been to the Derby before, the gallery consists largely of very wealthy, mint julep sipping, linen suit wearing, presumably fresh smelling Southerners. In short, the people there are the opposite of virtually every person sitting outdoors in Gillette Stadium.

Actually, along those lines, I think Bostonians would have a lot of fun on the infield at the Derby:

But Tom Brady doesn't hang in the infield. At all.

As you can see in the video below, Brady was in the grandstand, and according to rumors, he wagered $4,700 on the eventual 2013 champion Orb to win.

So depending on when Brady got in on Orb, he took a nearly $5,000 investment and netted out nearly $30,000. That's pretty good, I'm happy for him. However, it's not like he went there wearing jeans on a golf shirt and casually high fived his buddies after the victory. No, not even close:

Indeed, a gel soaked, bow tie and linen suit wearing Brady had a giddy bro-style celebration with, among others, New England Patriot Judas Wes Welker!

It's unclear if the heat check that is Tom Brady's existence has evolved into full on trolling yet, but one thing is clear -- for a guy who hasn't won a Super Bowl in nearly a decade, he is most certainly pushing the boundaries for what gets your ass kicked by a drunk Boston fan.

(h/t The Big Lead)

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