Tom DeLay Wins the Day (Well, Pretty Much)

Tom DeLay, the super Republican and former U.S. representative from Sugar Land, is home free of the criminal conspiracy charges filed against him. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals today agreed with a lower court finding for a very special reason. To wit:

That the crime he was accused of – namely conspiracy to violate the election code – was not a crime until 2003. DeLay was accused of planning to funnel illegal business campaign contributions to selected Republicans – but this was in 2002.

Of course, it’s never been proven that DeLay did anything wrong at all. But now it doesn’t have to be!! He got off on a technicality! (Are right wing Republicans supposed to do that?)

Anyhow, DeLay’s nemesis, Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle, the Democrat who led the corruption investigation into DeLay’s doings, was uncharacteristically mute as he mulled the court’s opinion Wednesday.

Meanwhile, although DeLay gets to stay out of the slammer, he did have to step down from his position as House Majority Leader after the indictments and he is out of office, pursuing other opportunities. -- Margaret Downing

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