Tomball Solves The Illegal-Immigrant Problem Tonight

The illegal-immigrant problem will be addressed tonight at a meeting of the Tomball City Council, which is as fine and noble a venue for such a discussion as can be imagined.

Councilman Derek Townsend told KPRC that he will be introducing an ordinance "that would prevent illegal immigrants from renting or owning property and owning and operating a business."

"We got illegal immigrants coming into our county right now and picking up Social Security," he told a reporter. "How is that fair?"

Tomball, which apparently has no other problems that need addressing at this time, is a relatively sleepy burg northwest of Houston.

Townsend ran for council mostly on his expertise at traffic management, if his campaign website is to be believed.

But he did give notice that he was going to be tackling bigger things: Among the planks on his platform is a promise to "Make English the official language of Tomball."

That will teach them Mexicans! Tomball has itself an official language, and it ain't no Spanish!

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