Tomball State Rep. Debbie Riddle: So Eager To File An Arizona-Like Immigration Bill, She Camps Out

And so it begins. Today is the first day Texas legislators can pre-file bills for the upcoming session, and Tomball State Rep. Debbie Riddle, apparently in fear she might be kidnapped by illegals before getting her chance to shine, camped out in front of the clerk's office so she could be first on line today.

Her bill: A clone of the Arizona illegal-immigrant bill.

Riddle told the Fox station in Austin that the bill was just another tool for law-enforcement officers (trying to stem the brown tide, she didn't quite add.)

"It gives law enforcement officers a discretionary tool they can use in the event that someone is being detained anyway because of a warrantless arrest," describes Riddle of her immigration-related proposed legislation.

"If an officer so chooses, he can inquire as to that individual's immigration status."

Luckily, Riddle was able to file the bill this morning without incident. And we can all now await the studied, judicious, scholarly debate on the issue in Austin.

Update: Riddle also filed a bill "Relating to information regarding the citizenship and immigration status of public school students."

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