Tommy Lee Jones for Senate: Crucial Updates

Since our item on Houston attorney Geoff Berg's campaign to draft Tommy Lee Jones for the Senate seat being vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison, things have been moving fast.

1. Tommy Lee Jones still has had nothing to say on this.

2. But the story has been picked up by CNN, the Dallas Morning News, The Texas Tribune, USA Today and others.

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3. Would Jones be able to advertise effectively on TV? This collection of spots for a Japanese energy drink give a conclusive "Yes!!" He'll do anything, if there's a check involved.

4. Not to beat a dead horse, but Tommy Lee Jones has nothing to say about this. This could be taken as a good sign, or a sign that he never Googles his name.

5. Josh Harkinson of Mother Jones, a former Press colleague, has put together an astute and informative map showing just which Tommy Lee Jones movies will best help the campaign in particular sections of Texas. The map is below; the analysis is here.

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