Tommy Tune's Dazzling Smile No Longer Directed At His Agent

Houston's own Tommy Tune, proud alumnus of Lamar High and the namesake of the "local high-school Tony" Tommy Tune Awards, isn't happy these days.

Not with his longtime agent, at any rate.

The New York Daily News reports that Tune has filed a federal suit against his agent of forty (forty!) years, saying he's been ripping Tune off.

Agent Marvin Shulman awarded himself a $223,000 commission from the 2006 sale of Tune's Manhattan home, the suit alleges, and brought himself a Maserati.

Then the News breaks out the metaphors:

The showman claims Shulman moved in on his finances when he realized the Tony winner spent more time choreographing dance numbers than he did crunching numbers.

When Tune tried to find out where his money was going, Shulman allegedly gave him the old soft-shoe.

Ummm.....ummm....It may be "curtains" for Shulman!! Tune may have to "tap-dance" his way through a deposition!!

Ah, forget it. We'll leave the puns to the News.

-- Richard Connelly

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