Toni Jo Silvey: Stalks Ex with 1,001 Phone Calls, 700 E-Mails in 90 Days, Eggings, and Crashing into His Car

Dudes, you don't want to break up with Toni Jo Silvey, 49, if court documents are any indication.

Silvey has been charged with stalking her former boyfriend, a "leather artist" named Peter Main. Among the tactics: 1,001 phone calls and 700 e-mails in the space of three months; egging his house and property; ramming her car into his parked vehicle.

And starting a rant-filled blog where she talks about it all.

Toni Silvey: Hell hath no fury, etc., etc.
The blog is about what you'd expect, just to the nth degree. She gives herself the name "woundedpoeticsoul" for her entries.

Yes, P, you and I are headed for court...so the truth will be heard...what a fool you have been with your pride and your ego. Remember, "Pride goeth before the fall" and don't look down now P...you are teetering on a ledge and the bottom is beckoning to you with one more step! You selfish, egotistical evil old fool....looks like you have met your nemesis, huh Peter? I sincerely mean it when I say I pity you...truly I do...you still think yourself to important or too clever for it to happen to you. Do what is right P...before your foot slips off that ledge. Other wise ...."Good Luck With That"...

Court documents say that when police questioned her about her activities, she replied "read my blog, read my blog, it's all there."

So they did, and discovered "numerous references to the damages to [Main's] property, caused by defendant, including references to breaking the leaded glass windows on either side of the front door of the house."

Well, that was an easy investigation.

Investigators say they warned Silvey against any further stalking activity on October 7. Later that afternoon, Main called to say she was on his property, throwing eggs.

The Houston Chronicle was first with the story.

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