Top 10 Coolest Cars under $25,000

Believe it or not, the average transaction price for new cars is more than $30,000 these days. That's a lot of money. But just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you have to settle for something boring. What you drive says a lot about you, and your average economy car doesn't say much at all.

Luckily, inexpensive cars have been getting more and more interesting lately. Ever since the VW New Beetle and Mini Cooper brought retro style to a lower price point, automakers have been trying harder to make their entry-level models more funky and fresh. Even if you set a reasonable price limit of $25,000, you can still find plenty of interesting new models that are inexpensive without being cheap. Here are 10 new car picks that stand out from the crowd without breaking the bank:

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Joseph Capparella