Top 10 Worst Sports Stadiums, in Honor of ASU's "Tampon with Wings"

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This week, Arizona State University unveiled artist renderings of an overhauled Sun Devil Stadium. The project, which will eliminate some 16,000 seats and install a canopy-type roof at the circa 1958 venue, was spearheaded by new ASU athletic director Steve Patterson. (If you remember, Patterson was instrumental in getting the Houston Texans their sweet Reliant Stadium digs.)

Some folks are way into the soon-to-be reconstructed stadium. Others -- such as a commenter on an Arizona Republic article -- compared the proposed design to a "giant maxi pad with wings."

We're with you, buddy.

If this thing is realized, it will easily crack the top 10 list of worst sports stadiums in North America that features two Houston representatives.

10. Robertson Stadium, Houston Thank goodness the eyesore known as "The Rob" is being replaced soon.

9. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California Tradition doesn't mean jack when the sight lines are awful, the ticket prices are obscene and the hometown USC Trojans are tromping some half-rate Division I school like Syracuse.

8. Floyd Casey Stadium, Waco Like UH, this circus of a space will be ditched for an on-campus venue that doesn't resemble a small Texas high-school football stadium.

7. Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, Minneapolis, Minnesota The December 2010 collapse of the roof should be a warning for the new Sun Devil Stadium. (Of course it won't be from snow in the Phoenix area, but still.)

6. Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Canada Even though the Expos hightailed it to Washington D.C., the Big O/white elephant remains in use. Why on Earth, we're not sure.

5. Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, New York This circa 1972 spot isn't even good enough for the Houston Aeros. Enough said.

4. Tropicana Field, Tampa, Florida Everyone knows the home of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays is super sucky...so there's no need to rehash the suckiness that includes those annoying catwalks, which, depending on which one a batted ball hits, can turn a play into an out, a foul ball or a home run.

3. Memorial Stadium, Berkeley, California We once witnessed the Big Game (Cal versus Stanford) at this barn. If not for the fact that we sat at the end of the aisle, where our legs hung out on the stadium steps, we would have had our legs amputated from the lack of blood flow.

2. Cowboys Stadium, Arlington Look past the over-the-top shiny things at Jerryworld and you'll see the $1.15 billion for what it really is: A ludicrous monument to Jerry Jones.

1. Astrodome, Houston Doesn't matter that it's only used for storage and mold growing -- the thing is just sad.

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