Top 5 Worst Fireworks Foul-Ups: A Video Collection


That's the best way to sum up these best-worst fireworks extravaganzas.

Again, like in past lists that are centered around idiocy, incidences where folks were killed and/or little kids were burned were not included in the American-centric nonsense.

By the way, King Moron of Fourth of July 2011, please don't go outside Monday and try to top this crap.

5. Tulsa, Oklahoma

These may be the only Okies that were smart enough to figure out that a major explosion, which destroyed a trailer, wasn't part of Freedom Fest 2009.

4. A random place, USA

Some dullard in this unidentified neighborhood set off this fiery device and nearly messed up the place.

3. Port Richey, Florida

Two pea brains in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater area lit a firework inside of a tent and caused this dumbass scene.

2. Pawtucket, Massachusetts

On account of a couple of noobs, fans were treated to this crazy talk following a Pawtucket Red Sox minor-league baseball game on July 3, 2005.

1. A redneck forest, location unknown

No Fourth of July discussion is complete without some woolwits experimenting with

dat dere

explosives. Watch these shirtless doofuses as they invent a "redneck rocket launcher."

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