Toyota Center's Gigantic New Video Board Lets You Watch All The Omer Asik You Can Take

Now we know what the problem has been for Houston Rocket fans -- they just have not been able to get a clear view of the mediocrity on the court.

Problem solved.

The Rockets are unveiling a massive new scoreboard/video thingamajig which they claim "will be the largest indoor center-hung scoreboard in the United States," although that claim seems weighed down with so many qualifiers that we're not sure just how much stock to put in it.

The videoboard at Cowboys Stadium is obviously larger, for instance, but the roof at that facility opens so we guess it doesn't count. The Rockets say the new board is "more than 600 percent larger than the previous scoreboard that had been used since the building's debut in 2003."

The Rockets' board, according to the Rockets:

The scoreboard will contain four large screens--two rectangular-shaped displays that will face the east and west seating areas and a pair of square-shaped screens that will face the north and south ends of the bowl.

The larger boards will measure approximately 25' high by 58' wide. The two end panels will measure approximately 25' high by 25' wide. All the boards will display a full HD signal with 1080 lines of resolution. Plans also include the installation of ancillary boards in each of the four corners of the upper concourse that will be used to display additional statistics during Rockets games and other sporting events.

"Additional statistics"!!! Moneyballer Daryl Morey must have insisted.

Let us now let the Rockets sing their praises:

"This is an exciting day for Toyota Center and the more than 1.3 million patrons who attend events here each year," said Houston Rockets and Clutch City Sports & Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Tad Brown. "Mr. Alexander has always challenged us to find innovative ways of improving the fan experience, and this new scoreboard is quite simply going to be the best-in-class among indoor arenas in the country. Our fans in all locations will have the opportunity to experience Rockets games, and other events, like never before. Our new Wi-Fi data network will allow fans to stay connected and the upgraded concessions network will make ordering of food and beverage items faster and more efficient. These improvements, along with many others, will provide Toyota Center patrons with an unmatched in-arena experience for many years to come."

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