Toys R Us Fights Hooters-Like Restaurant Opening Next to It in Tyler

The noble breastaurant concept has come under fire in Tyler, where a Toys R Us is seeking a judge's help in preventing a Hooters-like company from opening a location next to their store.

Why, the waitresses there wear tight sleeveless T-shirts and tight shorts!! Young children might be able to see through the walls and be exposed to such things!!

Since breastaurants always need to have subtle tit-related names, this one is called Double D Ranch. It would be located across a parking lot from the Toys R Us.

It is not considered a sexually oriented business by the city, but the toy store says it would still violate a lease agreement for the location.

A Smith County judge signed a temporary restraining order that, in part, prevented Double D's from "employing people to work in "'semi-nude' or 'scantily clad' attire" until the dispute is settled.

A hearing is going on today over the matter. We believe everyone should get down on their knees and pray that the toy-seeking kids of Tyler are forever prevented from having to see something that is not going to make them think of breasts anyway.

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Richard Connelly
Contact: Richard Connelly